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Video Production Service that Gets You Noticed

Did you know that about 78 percent of your potential customers check out online videos every week and that 55 percent look at them every day? It’s no wonder that about 81 percent of businesses rely on video for their marketing. YouTube has become the most popular website after Google. And while many potential customers watch videos on desktops, nearly 75 percent of all video appears on mobile devices.


Your business is missing out if video isn’t part of your marketing strategy.


Whether you’re a one-person social influencer or a major company in Atlanta, GA, our video production services can get you noticed. But more than that, we can create a total marketing experience that relies on this tech. Based on the results you want, we can plan, develop, and distribute interviews, testimonials, how-tos, and other kinds of videos. To find out how, contact us at B’Creative Media today.

Your Company’s Cost-Effective Movie Studio

Does making videos to advertise your company mean opening a movie studio at your location? Not unless you want to divert precious money from your operations budget. A more cost-effective solution is to hire B’Creative Media as your marketing resource. We combine movie studio expertise, equipment, and talent with a passion for making your business stand out among a field of competitors.


We’ll meet with you to plan the best narratives for reaching your audience. We can then develop the script and storyboard. The shoot may happen at your office, outdoors, or our facilities. We’ll take care of using the right equipment, bringing in the talent, and producing the final cut. We’ll also determine the best distribution channels for reaching your customers. That may mean a continuing series on YouTube or an individual promo on your website. Give us a call today to make use of our movie studio expertise.

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