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Producer/Principal - BJ Orr

BJ Orr is a seasoned storyteller; with more than 12 years of experience developing content; working with global companies like COCA-COLA, DELTA, JACKSON SPALDING, WARNER BROS, CHEVY, HGTV, CNN, COX AUTOMOTIVE, MOMENTUM, FOX & others. BJ works to concept & produce Corporate Communications Videos, Commercials, Reality Show Sizzles, Live Events, Docu-Series, Documentaries and Social Media style content; utilizing his broad scope of industry knowledge and experience. 


"I love working in this capacity with these Organizations.  The projects I’m fortunate to be apart of have meaning and are used to educate, inspire, and inform viewers.  I’m experienced in this role and feel as though my passion to enlighten others and my drive to create impactful content are the key to our success!" - BJ Orr

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